Invisible Maniac

For funsies I’m going to do some Blake Snyder Beat Sheets on horror movies. I plan on watching mostly exploitation horror, so likely they won’t hit every beat.

Opening Image – A psychologist diagnosis a child.

Set-up – Kevin Dornwinkle is a scientist. The scientific community does not believe his claims about his invisibility serum.

Theme Stated (happens during the Set-up) – His molecular reorganization theory will be proven. He can turn a man invisible.

Catalyst – Kevin Dornwinkle attempts to demonstrate his invisibility serum, it fails. He’s laughed at by all of his peers, has a nervous break down and kills as many as he can while they flee.

Debate – Kevin knows the kids hate him. He’s trying to put the past behind him. Should he work on his experiment some more?

Break Into Two (Choosing Act Two) – Kevin gets his formula to work, he can turn invisible. But, it messes him up mentally, and it’s addictive.

B Story – The teenage students, plot and scheme and fuck and shower.

The Promise of the Premise – Kevin Dornwinkle hunts down and kills each student.

Midpoint – Kevin seems to be satisfied peeping on girls. But when he turns the principal down, she threatens to call the cops. She found needles in his desk. Kevin kills her.

Bad Guys Close In – Kevin Dornwinkle chains the doors closed.

All is Lost – ???

Dark Night of the Soul – ???

Break Into Three (Choosing Act Three) – Thanks to a fresh idea, new inspiration, or last-minute Thematic advice from the B Story (usually the love interest), the main character chooses to try again.

Finale – Kevin Dornwinkle is getting out of town. Chet shows up with a gun, he realized Dornwinkle was the guy from the paper who escaped the asylum. They fight. They both turn invisible and fight. Dornwinkle blow’s Chet’s head off with a shotgun. The police show up, see the body, and assume it’s Dornwinkle’s.

Final Image – Kevin Dornwinkle reappears laughing.



I lost a bit of the weight I’ve picked up since I started working out. I’ve been dipping between 195 and 200lbs for the past several months. Last week I was peaking at 203. This was after adding a bootcamp twice a week. Glad to be back in sand numbers.

When you start to work out people say the weight gain is from muscle or from compensatory eating. I’m guessing mine is the later, though I don’t think I’ve ever done as many push ups as I have yesterday. So maybe soon I’ll be able to flex and “be swole”.

The temperature fluctuations of the end of Winter and birth of string have beaten me into a stupor. I no longer have the ability to be optimistic for a sunny day. I just surrender to the cold winds and grey skies without complaint.

I’m working on the third draft of my screen play “Chubby Chaser”. I realized I kinda don’t like writing. Certain parts I love, but the constantly reading over your own work non-stop is the part I could do without. Arguably that’s the most important part and I’m trying to adjust my attitudes accordingly.

My job allows me to live anywhere and work remotely. This makes the siren calls of the west coast call out louder than ever before. I know I’ll be there soon as if it were fate. It’s just a matter of my wife finding a job in the area she likes. Also, have to figure out how to sell or rent this house. Ugh. As far as any of that goes. I wish I could transport this one brick by brick to a comparable suburb in the North West but I’m sure there’s better and worse houses there already.

The movie “The Substitute” is easily a million times better than “Dangerous Minds”. It’s odd that a lower budget film would be so much better than a star vehicle A-list film… maybe not. The best part of Dangerous Minds was always that Coolio video. For as gonzo action as The Substitute gets at parts, it still delivers actual action. Seeing Raymond Cruz in The Substitute reminded me of all the Better Call Saul episodes I’m behind on.

Michigan Democratic Party Spring State Convention 2017

On Saturday February 11, 2017 my wife and I went to our first Democratic Party convention! We showed up at 7:30 AM as suggested by our local DSA. The idea was not to “push the dems left”, but rather to vote Berniecrats into key committees. A lot of people have been arguing whether or not this strategy of “#DemEnter” works. The Democratic party has all the vigor of a baloney sandwich on white bread, but there are millions on the outside that need political power. To get voting rights at the convention you just have to hold your nose long enough to join the democratic party. You must register a month before the convention (this is free (well, it costs the price of the postage stamp)).

On our way to the Progressive Caucus, there were three groups tabling. First off was the DSA 🌹, which is a loose-nit socialist group aiming at socialist values (society should serve people over profits). Their table was seeing the least action, due to bad placement, liberal fears of “socialism”. I chit chatted for them a bit, met David who runs the Detroit Chapter. Since I’ve joined, there’s only been one meeting 😿. There’s two different groups that are from the womb of Bernie Sander’s Our Revolution, and I’m sure there’s overlap between all three, first was Michigan to Believe In which is a Facebook group of Berners looking to organize around progressive policies. The other group Michigan for Revolution seemed like they were much more left leaning, and had their shit together like no one else. They bussed people in, coordinated demonstrations (more on this later), and had brought with them Birdie Sanders (see image above)!

Progressive Caucus

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I am the friend of some gangster that gets in peanut fights with a kid at a park everyday. The kid hides his peanuts when there’s a cop around so that it isn’t confiscated. This impresses the gangster. I smoke marlboro ultra ultra lights which are smaller and thinner than Capri Slims. The majority of the box is packing foam for the tiny cigarettes.

Death in the Alley

For the past few years I’ve been working on a giallo script that takes place in a post-industrial Detroit-like city. A teen who is fresh to the city finds herself in danger and her friends being killed one by one. Can she find the killer before becoming a victim herself?

Here’s some photos I took while location scouting enjoy!

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