Night of the Creeps

Opening Image

Set-up – Two kids at make out point, an ax murderer is on the loose in the area. A comet crashes to earth. A teen goes to investigate and has a creep fly into his mouth. Meanwhile, an ax killer hacks the teen’s girlfriend to death

Theme Stated (happens during the Set-up) –

Catalyst – Chris thinks he has to be a Beta for Cindy to like him. So he tries to pledge with JC. They’re told they need to get a corpse and dump it on the steps of a fraternity to be initiated

Debate – Should they do something so dumb to make some girl do it? Yes.

Break Into Two (Choosing Act Two) – They release the corpse from his cryogenic sleep. They run off and the zombie is on the loose.

B Story – The corpse let loose, starts spreading the creeps.

The Promise of the Premise – The creeps slowly kill teens, JC, a sororty girl via a cat,

Midpoint – Corpse of the ax murderer digs his way out of the ground, forcing the Detective Cameron to face the his skeletons (literally and figuritively)

Bad Guys Close In – The betas all die in a bus accident and get turned into creep controlled zombies.

All is Lost – JC is dead, he cooked himself to kill the creeps inside of him.

Dark Night of the Soul – Detective Cameron is going to kill himself with the oven. He decides to fight back.

Break Into Three (Choosing Act Three) – They go into the sorority house, to kill the creeps. Lots of creep killing ensues.

Finale – The detective sacrifices himself to kill off the nest of creeps feeding on the brains in the basement.

Final Image – Alien space ship floats over cemetery. Spotlight from alien ship traces over over the graves and hills.

Author: Steve Barman

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