Black Roses

Opening Image – City skyline. Cars drive by, downtown area.

Set-up – Kids in the small town of Mill Basin have amicable relationships with parents though they don’t see eye to eye. Julie’s dad is a creep. Teacher has a slight crush on Julie and vice versa. Teacher is teaching the kids about Walt Whitman.

Theme Stated (happens during the Set-up) – One should remain open minded. Parents are scared of change.

Catalyst – Johnny steals a can of paint, to “paint the town red”. For some reason the can of paint he steals from the hardware store is old, and unsealed. Also, Johnny didn’t steal paint brushes or spray paint. He runs off before he’s caught, or able to vandalize the area. The teacher sees what was about to happen and finds Johnny’s pocket knife.

Debate – Parents at the PTA argue about shutting the show down. The mayor says the band is no different than Elvis or the Beatles, and beside. He can’t shut the show down legally anyway.

Break Into Two (Choosing Act Two) – The band performs rock ballads while parents watch. The parents leave. The Black Roses show themselves as metal bangers.

B Story – Teacher talks to Damian about why they chose Mill Basin. Damian says they’re not anti-social.

The Promise of the Premise – A father tells teen to help Mom with the dishes. He notices his son’s earring and calls his son a fag. A demon comes out of the speaker, bites the father in the face and drags him off.

Midpoint – Kids in the audience of the second Black Roses concert start getting zapped into zombies.

Bad Guys Close In – Kid runs over mom, teen fucks friend’s dad to death.

All is Lost – Janie throws principal out the window

Dark Night of the Soul – Teacher finds out Julie killed her father. Also, learns his girlfriend, the mayor’s daughter has been killed.

Break Into Three (Choosing Act Three) – Janie tries to suck the teacher’s dick, but he slaps it away from her (literally). Janie turns into a demon and the teacher beats her with a tennis racket, then stabs her to death.

Finale – Teacher goes to the concert. Gets in a fist fight with Damien. Covers the stage in gasoline, sets the place on fire. The spell on the kids is reversed. The band burns alive.

Final Image – Watching the news, they learn Black Roses are about to play Madison Square Garden. The show is sold out. Damien’s face on the screen as it fades to black.

Invisible Maniac

For funsies I’m going to do some Blake Snyder Beat Sheets on horror movies. I plan on watching mostly exploitation horror, so likely they won’t hit every beat.

Opening Image – A psychologist diagnosis a child.

Set-up – Kevin Dornwinkle is a scientist. The scientific community does not believe his claims about his invisibility serum.

Theme Stated (happens during the Set-up) – His molecular reorganization theory will be proven. He can turn a man invisible.

Catalyst – Kevin Dornwinkle attempts to demonstrate his invisibility serum, it fails. He’s laughed at by all of his peers, has a nervous break down and kills as many as he can while they flee.

Debate – Kevin knows the kids hate him. He’s trying to put the past behind him. Should he work on his experiment some more?

Break Into Two (Choosing Act Two) – Kevin gets his formula to work, he can turn invisible. But, it messes him up mentally, and it’s addictive.

B Story – The teenage students, plot and scheme and fuck and shower.

The Promise of the Premise – Kevin Dornwinkle hunts down and kills each student.

Midpoint – Kevin seems to be satisfied peeping on girls. But when he turns the principal down, she threatens to call the cops. She found needles in his desk. Kevin kills her.

Bad Guys Close In – Kevin Dornwinkle chains the doors closed.

All is Lost – ???

Dark Night of the Soul – ???

Break Into Three (Choosing Act Three) – Thanks to a fresh idea, new inspiration, or last-minute Thematic advice from the B Story (usually the love interest), the main character chooses to try again.

Finale – Kevin Dornwinkle is getting out of town. Chet shows up with a gun, he realized Dornwinkle was the guy from the paper who escaped the asylum. They fight. They both turn invisible and fight. Dornwinkle blow’s Chet’s head off with a shotgun. The police show up, see the body, and assume it’s Dornwinkle’s.

Final Image – Kevin Dornwinkle reappears laughing.