Top Films of 2020

December 31, 2020

Well here we are, the only blog post that I’m guaranteed to write each year! 2020 was a real shit year for pretty much everyone who wasn’t a vaccine manufacturer, the Zoom company, or a congress person who was buying stocks in Zoom before anyone else could.

Needless to say, I didn’t see many in the theater, and there might be more options for my list in a normal year, but here’s the list.

1. Bill & Ted Face the Music

Bill and Ted

I’ve been a Bill & Ted fan since I was a kid. Yes, I did own the Honey Nut Cheerio’s comic book. Yes, I do own a ton of the trading cards that I bought off of Ebay. None of my packs contained the winning “Trip to San Dimas”, unfortunately for me (contest probably expired 20 years ago anyway). Yes, I own some of the action figures. Yes, I do like to ignore that they call each other the 3 letter “F” word briefly in the first movie.

Bill and Ted Face the music did what I didn’t think was possible, which was to exceed my expectations.

We join Bill and Ted after the events of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, where, as you remember, they have a huge hit album and they know their destiny will be to write a song that joins the world together in peace. Unfortunately, that destiny never came to fruition. They’re old men who won’t stop chasing the dream of a hit record and it’s costing them their relationships. I can relate as a super failed writer, and I think most people have to reface their aspirations at middle age.

There’s a few bits that started to feel slightly cringey with their kids that are essentially Bill & Ted, but the film doesn’t let them over-stay their welcome. So, I’m going to let it slide.

With the world more divided then I’ve ever known it to be, Bill & Ted Face the music is a breath of fresh air and optimism that I really needed to see me through the pandemic. Party on dudes!

2. The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Wolf of Snow Hollow

Comedy ? Drama ? Horror ? All of the above. I cannot for the life of me ever remember the name of this movie, and I suspect that’s the reason it’s not getting more accolades than it is currently.

3. His House

His House

The humanitarian crisis is far more terrifying than any ghost.

  1. Palm Springs
  2. The Hunt

I’ll gladly take 100 more films like The Hunt.

  1. Host
  2. Hamilton
  3. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
  4. Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special
  5. Possessor

Worst of the year: The Call of the Wild 2020

The Call of the Wild

A surgical lobotomy takes 10 minutes to administer. This film runs 100 minutes and is far less enjoyable. I feel sorry for the computers that had to render this cornball trash.

Written by Steve Barman Front end developer, horror enthusiast, cat dad.