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February 15, 2021

What a wild and crazy world we live in eh?

I spent the weekend somewhat working on my blog, which you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at it. I’m working on building a backend to Gatsby so that I don’t have to have my dev setup in order to blog. There’s a bunch of pre-build solutions, but I want to build my own. THe plan is to also be able to use that to spin up Gatsby instances with databases quicker and easier for client work. By client work, I mostly mean noodling around.

There’s something so much more comforting in building software out the way that you want to without taking anyone else’s input. I configured eslint and immediately turned off prop-types because they’re crap.

I kind of wish I’d started this project in typescript, now migrating might be a slight pain, but I’ve done it before… it’s just that I never sit down going “I can’t wait to be annoyed for 2 hours”. But whatevs.

Right now I have just the standard markdown gatsby thing going on. When I added a service to feed the blog I was like “well, I don’t need it in the same shape as the markdown files (the response from Graqhql), so I’ll just make a way for the 2 different feeds to intermingle and then I’ll normalize they’re shape… which is a huge pain. Also, if your create-pages is failing, I don’t know a good way to log that output without just stopping and restarting the dev server, which is a pain in the butt.

This blog starter that I started with is pretty great, but it does some deep object referencing in the templates, so trying to piece meal refactor doesn’t work since it just crashes everything. Now I’m just like… I have 50 blog posts (most are private), why aren’t I just making a script to turn the md files into json, then just bouncing those up to my hosting, then just swap them… ? Much easier, but I have a tendency to just noodle around, break everything, then revert out to where I’m back where I started and not starting again.

There’s also all these other things I want to do with this blog, and I’ve never once even wanted to blog on a different computer, so my priorities are kind of backwards. But all the stuff I want to put somewhere, I don’t know where to put besides a sidebar. Ugh. Who needs a sidebar? Or better “Ugh, sidebars… what are they good for?… absolutely nothin!” I’m almost 40, a gen-x’er but I feel like I’ve somehow become a boomer. Who would have known.

The main reason I want to add some nice posting mechanisms is because, as cool as markdown, and even mdx are for developers to put content into a document, it’s not really great for writing. There’s not really a spell check unless you get a vscode pluggin, but then you’re stuck with wOrDs that are capped wrong and that cool browser stuff that will be built into a textbox in Chrome (or Brave for me), aren’t there. Also it’d be cool to click “edit page” when I’m on my blog and fixing it. But there’s headaches in identity management and stuff, most of which I already sorted out, but ugh, a bunch of work for a blog no one reads.

But, I’m also glad no one reads it because that would mean that those people are really really really bored.

Written by Steve Barman Front end developer, horror enthusiast, cat dad.